Entry #1

A Car Wrecked Itself on My Body.

2015-05-09 21:25:59 by TrevorMcNally

Full Story Here

3802058_143192334922_o.jpgApril 24th, 2015 I was smeared by a car.

- 3 broken ribs

- 1 broken arm

- 1 collapsed lung

- collar bone shattered

- 1 titanium plate

- 6 titanium screws

I'm healing quickly and will soon take over NG with my new cyborg body.

Check out my website for the full story here.



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2015-05-11 01:44:28

I'm in surprise that you live in Japan. (in a good way of course)

Are you stationed there (military service)? Expat? Internship? Or just backpacker who looking for joys? :)

TrevorMcNally responds:

Military. It's my second stay here and I enjoy it very much :) I venture around the island a lot as well, my goal is to experience as much as I can before I leave again...If I decide to of course.


2015-05-11 21:56:16

That's great to hear. Hope your injuries heal quickly. That was hell of a hit.

I did some military service in the past. 'bout 6 years. I just left, and currently work in telecom. I plan to visit Japan or Korea this fall, take some time off, and backpacking in these countries.

TrevorMcNally responds:

If you swing by Okinawa, you have a place to stay ;)